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IMPORTANT! Please use 5 digit postcodes (numeric only) for Italy. Example Postcode: 10128

Send a Pallet to Italy

Pallet Delivery UK - ITALY Pallet deliveries are the preferred choice for most businesses, mainly because they come with the advantages and utility of personal delivery service.

When you're sending a pallet to Italy, for example, you won't have to rely on additional services or other types of delivery. This translates into fewer costs that you have to deal with, as well as little to no stress when it comes to the actual delivery process.

With Pallet Online, you can be sure that your pallet will reach its destination with no complications whatsoever. All you have to do is set up the pallet and wait for us to check and collect it and your job is done. You can then see the delivery in real time, making sure that your goods are where they have to be.

Who Needs Pallet Delivery to Italy

Pallet Delivery to ITALY As mentioned before, pallet deliveries are preferred by business owners, because they give them the opportunity to satisfy their clients and grow their business without having to employ a personal delivery team.

Every business owner that wants to grow their business and increase their profits will eventually need a pallet delivery service. Your goods will be safe during transit, and you won't have to worry about any additional damage-related costs or fees.

Moreover, pallet deliveries are fit for people that wish to send just a single pallet with some items, to their friends or family. After all, having your goods safely tied within the pallet is much better than having them loose in a transport van - especially when it comes to fragile items.

Send a Cheap Pallet Delivery to Italy

Pallet Delivery for ITALY If you thought that sending a pallet delivery to Italy will be expensive, then you are mistaken. At Pallet Online, we provide you with low prices, as well as with top-quality services, making sure that you get the most out of us, so to say.

Sending a cheap pallet delivery to Italy has never been easier. Mind the fact that you are sending a pallet abroad and don't worry about any increased costs or additional fees, as there are none.

When registering your pallet with us, you have to be aware of the fact that your goods are our most important asset. So, we'll make use of our years of experience and professionalism to make sure that your items will reach their destination in one piece and in perfect condition. You'll get all of that for a price that low that you never saw it coming!

Prohibited goods for deliveries to Italy

Our dedicated team are more than happy to discuss any queries related to the shipping of pallets to Italy

Here are some of the items that cannot be sent on a pallet to Italy.

- Firearms

- Tobacco

- Weapons

- Animal fur

- Narcotics

- Ammunition

- Alcohol

Some restricted items may also include electronics, art and some food products.

Cities in Italy

Secure pallet deliveries to cities. Proven and tested pallet delivery service in many cities in Italy.

  • Ancona
  • Aosta
  • Arezzo
  • Asti
  • Bari
  • Barletta
  • Benevento
  • Bergamo
  • Bologna
  • Bolzano
  • Brindisi
  • Cagliari
  • Campobasso
  • Caserta
  • Catania
  • Catanzaro
  • Civitavecchia
  • Como
  • Crotone
  • Ferrara

Many more guaranteed delivery locations in Italy available.

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