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Pallet Delivery for Europe

PalletOnline is the pallet delivery service for delivery to Europe. We are both secure and cost-effective. Your pallet delivery to Europe is in excellent hands.

With PalletOnline you choose reliability and simplicity. We use Palletline enabling us to deliver efficiently across Europe from anywhere in the UK. We are also an Amazon fulfilment carrier. This allows you to sell your goods throughout much of Europe using Amazon.

We have a long reputation delivering goods throughout the UK. We now bring this same reliability and cost-effective option to our pallet delivery service in Europe.

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When you book a pallet courier in the UK you can choose delivery to 12 European countries without compromising reliability, speed or price.

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Why Choose Pallet Online

For Euro deliveries, we bring you exceptional service. We understand that you need to trust your pallet delivery service. We go beyond the expected to communicate clearly. We stand out for our outstanding customer service.

When you choose PalletOnline you choose cost-effectiveness and a simple process.

Collection is available in across the UK and Ireland. Popular Euro delivery locations include France, Holland and Italy.

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Use your UK or Irish postcode and the relevant country-specific postcode to get an instant free no-obligation quote. Take care to use the specific postcode format for the delivery country e.g. Poland or Spain. Enter your required pallet size.

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Simple Booking

Once you are happy with your quote click Book Now. Follow the simple instructions. Your booking will be arranged in minutes.

Security Ensured

We provide a secure checkout process and encrypted payments. All deliveries are insured bringing you peace of mind. Our expert teams take care to handle your delivery efficiently and with care. We also offer real time tracking to all of our European destinations. Our aim is to deliver complete peace of mind.

Speed and Reliability

Same-day collection is available when you book before 11.30 am. Our pallet courier will be on the way to you quickly. We are here to help if you need us via Live Chat, phone or our 24/7 Help Centre.

Palletised freight distribution to Europe is made safer and faster when you choose PalletOnline.

Pallet Delivery to Europe

We collect from the majority of UK postcodes. We deliver within Europe to France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway Portugal and Sweden. We also deliver within the UK.

Delivery services to all available European countries are offered with the same leading reputation as our UK service.

Choosing pallet courier collection and delivery from the UK and Ireland to Europe brings you the delivery service you need and can trust. You benefit from a cost-effective, simple and reliable service.

Get your delivery postcode to hand and find out how affordable we are now. Get your free no-obligation quote.

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European Pallet Service

Both collections and deliveries are simple and affordable. We bring you simplified options so that you can benefit from various pallet sizes and delivery options. Whatever your pallet delivery needs, we can help.

Collection on the same day is possible as long as you book before 11.30 am. Collection takes place between 9 am and 5 pm, and 1 pm and 5 pm for same-day collection. You are able to choose the exact pallet size you need. Delivery can be made as early as the next day. You can also select a delivery date of your choice.

Why we Use Palletline

We are proud of our relationship with Palletline - the UK's leading distribution specialists. We work with them to enable our customers to benefit from the Palletline network without being at the whim of a freight broker. Together, PalletsOnline and Palletline deliver your goods securely and with care, every time.

Palletline has a network of seven national hubs and 89 UK locations. They deliver millions of pallets safely each year with an incredibly low damage rate of just 0.01%. By working through Palletline we can ensure that your delivery is in safe hands.

Pallet Sizes Available

Pallet delivery is the answer if your goods are too bulky for other delivery methods. Pallets can be used by small businesses and individuals sending a heavy or large delivery.

Make sure you measure your goods for delivery accurately. This enables you to choose the cheapest option. We offer the following pallet sizes. You can customise your online quote and booking using these dimensions:

Dimensions (WxL)
Dimensions (WxL)
Region of Use
39.37 x 47.241000 x 1200United Kingdom
31.50 x 47.24800 x 1200Europe (fits most doorways)
40 x 481016 x 1219North America
45.9 x 45.91165 x 1165Australia
42 x 421067 x 1067North America, Asia, Europe
43.30 x 43 x 301100 x 1100Asia

For goods which extend over one pallet, select more as required to meet the total dimensions.

We Understand You

We care about delivering not only your goods but a service you can rely on at an affordable price. When you choose PalletOnline you are choosing pallet delivery to Europe with the same standards of excellence as we use in the UK. We operate efficiently and reliability.

Our goal is to ensure that each and every customer is confident in our service. When you choose us you choose peace of mind and a hassle-free service.

Our European pallet delivery service has been designed to bring you flexibility. Choose and pay only for what you need, no wasted space or money.

Want to Find Out More About Europe Pallet Delivery?

Find out more about the Europe pallet delivery service from Pallet Online by contacting us. You can get in touch on 0845 658 0049 or by using our Live Chat. Check out our Help Centre for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Reliable Euro pallet delivery services.

We can make a delivery to any of the following locations...

BE Belgium
FR France
DE Germany
NL Holland
IE Ireland
IT Italy
NO Norway
PL Poland
PT Portugal
ES Spain
SE Sweden