COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support

COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support

We would like to extend a helping hand to any charity looking to distribute pallets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following internal discussions, we have now decided to hand out 'Emergency Charity' accounts to all registered charities.

We want to play our part in ensuring essential goods reach their destination on time and intact during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Emergency Charity Accounts

Money may be tight for some charities and businesses, so we have decided to offer Emergency Charity accounts. Those who rely on a pallet courier service to send goods don't have to worry about high shipping rates with an Emergency Charity account. 

This account will allow charities to ship pallets at almost cost price. Our pricing matrix doesn't allow us to do this exactly but we have made every effort to get it as close as possible. It may be cheaper than the cost price in some regions but we will ensure all deliveries are quick and efficient. 

How To Create An Emergency Charity Account

If you operate a charity and wish to have pallets delivered, then please create an account through our website and get in touch. You can contact us by sending a message through our live chat service or by calling us on 08456580049. Our friendly customer care team will be happy to help you. 

If you decide that you want to register for an Emergency Charity account, we will do our best to make sure you are up and running right away. We understand that there is a great deal of pressure on charities and small businesses as our economy is recovering from the hard-hitting pandemic. 

Are Emergency Charity Accounts For Charities Only? 

As well as charity support, businesses that require pallet collections and deliveries are urged to get in touch with us. We are forming plans to help make certain that the wheels of your business and our economy can keep on turning. 

If you run a business looking for cheap pallet collection and delivery services, then PalletOnline is the perfect solution. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to help every charity and business stay afloat during these trying times. 

What This Means For PalletOnline

Our pallet delivery service is operating as normal thanks to our incredible team in-house and on the road. They have worked continuously hard during the pandemic to ensure collections and deliveries have gone as smoothly as possible for all our customers. 

We understand that charities and smaller businesses need help trying to run business as usual while tackling the COVID-19 infection impacts. Rest assured that we are working hard to collect and deliver pallets for charities and businesses in urgent need of supplying essential goods. 

PalletOnline is considered one of the best pallet delivery companies around; we are trying to help those in need during these difficult times. Our palletised deliveries might not seem like much help, but to charities and small businesses, it makes a huge difference. 

Questions & Answers

First, select a pallet spacious enough to fit your items on without overhanging on any of the edges. Then, arrange your boxes on the pallet in size order and secure your goods to the pallet using either shrink or stretch wrap. Finally, attach a label to your pallet to let the courier know where they are delivering your goods to.

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Usually, a standard pallet is 48" x 40" and these measurements are recommended by pallet couriers far and wide. There are other pallet sizes to choose from but you must make sure that you select the correct one before sending goods through a pallet delivery network.

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LTL means 'Less than TruckLoad' and refers to shipments that are bigger than parcel shipments but are smaller than FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments. LTL carriers normally handle freight loads between 68 and 9,072 kilograms.

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Less than TruckLoad shipments are usually around one to six pallets and weigh between 200 and 5,000 pounds.

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Packages that weigh more than 150 pounds and are larger than 108 inches in length plus girth are normally shipped as freight, though keep in mind that these numbers are not exact measurements.

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For all pallet deliveries, you must print a label prior to delivery for the courier to know where they are delivering your goods. If you do not have access to a printer, you can simply attach your own hand-written label as long as the delivery address is clear and readable.

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