The best way to send a pallet to Amazon. Approved and trusted carrier for FBA and Vendors.

Send a Pallet to Amazon FBA

Please note XUKD renamed to BHX3. Amazon FBA & Vendor delivery service.

Amazon FBA Pallet Delivery

All deliveries are through our Amazon Approved Carrier Network for all pallet delivery services.
PalletOnline can get your Goods to Amazon within 24 hours of collection.
All deliveries are through our Amazon Approved Carrier Network for all pallet delivery services.
Get the very Best Prices Shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres within the UK.
Work with the Experts in Pallet Delivery to Amazon for a hassle free service.

Approved Amazon Fulfilment Carrier

We are experts in delivering pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres. Our network of drivers are approved by Amazon for FBA deliveries. Selling on Amazon FBA has never been so simple. We will deliver your pallets to Amazon hassle free.

Approved by Amazon Approved by Amazon
Thanks to continued success with Amazon pallet deliveries. Our Palletline network are approved to deliver your goods direct to Amazon fulfilment centres.

Savings Cost Effective Deliveries
Sending a pallet to Amazon rather than parcels brings down your cost. You will get a better return on investment sending your goods on a pallet to Amazon.

Fork Sameday Collection
Order before 11.30am in the week and we will collect your pallet the same day. Your goods can be in your chosen Amazon fulfilment centre by tomorrow. Let's get started...

How PalletOnline Works

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Helped me with the whole process of sending my goods to Amazon. Very helpful and informative from the get go, thanks guys!


Made a huge impact on my business allowing me to easily send my pallets to Amazon. Great system.


Very impressed with how easy the online system is!


Easy and simple to use your website to book online. Collection and delivery always accurate. friendly staff, that's all what I can say. Thanks.


Very good website and good price. Thank you.


Great service and really easy to use.


Amazon Pallet Delivery

We operate a dedicated pallet delivery service to Amazon. We have a pallet courier service that is approved by Amazon for your pallet deliveries. It's never been easier to send a pallet to Amazon. We have direct access to all UK fulfilment centres. Specially designed for LTL (Less Than a Truckload) deliveries.

Pallet Online will collect pallets for your fulfilled by Amazon goods. From there we will send a pallet to a fulfilment centre. Making life easier for Amazon FBA resellers to get their goods into the warehouse. We have been delivering and sending pallets to Amazon for years. Our parent company are prefered by Amazon. Through our palletline network Amazon resellers have delivered and sold hundreds of thousands of products.

If you've got a seller account with fulfilment by Amazon FBA. This is your go to place for delivering and sending pallets to the UK FBA warehouses. Amazon Prime members will be able to get your goods the very next day upon arrival.

For sending to Amazon please supply us with the following during the checkout process. We will need your FBA reference or ASN number. Your PO (Purchase Order) number. Then finally provide us with a carton and unit count. Just a few things to also note. When you select the Amazon delivery service the delivery date may be subject to change. This would be down to the request of the fulfilment centre. This is completely normal. If this happens your goods will be in a 'pending' status. Not to worry, that should soon move to confirmation of delivery. Pallet Online will manage the process on your behalf.

We cater for LTL shipping, LTL shipments, LTL carriers for the smart Amazon seller. Strike up a long term cost effective partnership with Pallet Online. Your seller central will be a breeze to manage inventory. You can focus on your product listing while we focus on getting the product there. Let us be your pallet courier when dealing with FBA deliveries.

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